Gughi Fassino


Gughi Fassino was born in Turin in 1973 and he now lives in the sorrounding countryside.
He began his photojournalist carrier photographing the Zapatistas uprise in Chiapas in 1994. In 1995 he graduates from International Center of Photography (I.C.P.) in New York city. He lives there untill 1998, year that after a short staying in Cuba to document first Pope visit, he joins Grazia Neri agency. Collaboration which will last untill 2004. During this years he collaborates with all major national and international magazine. In 2002 he starts his video-journalistic colaboration with Milena's Gabanelli Rai3-Report, which will bring to the production o three short enquiry. In 2005 his first book "Giulia's smile" a journey into the ordeal of a 6 years old child affeced by Moebius syndrome (facial parhesys and lack of msile), and the story of facial surgery she had to sustain to gain back her smile.
In the last few years he starts supporting his editorial work with art projects and other type of commercial/creative jobs, which included collaboration with firms such as Fiat, Nike, Marie Techinmont and others. His last personal exhibition was held (february 2009) in Milan at Arnaldo Pomodoro Foudation as a resoult of two years collaboration with Gq at "Lived lifes".

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